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hello, again. i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. >> it's steamy outside and because of the hot and humid weather the city is under a code red heat alert. people are looking to stay cool, some by grabbing a refreshing snowball and others still outside working hard and trying to keep cool. wjz caught these roofers pushing on through the boiling temperatures in northwest baltimore. road work is also not stopping. these guys dealing with the sweltering heat this noon in baltimore city. how long will this heat stick around. wjz is live with first warning coverage, marty bass and bernadette woods is tracking temperatures. >> we will go straight to the numbers and they will update possibly as we speak. the latest numbers we have 86 degrees in baltimore. 90 in d.c. already. already 93 degrees in ocean
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city and dew points are very high at 69 degrees. when you factor all of that in together it already feels like 90 in baltimore. 101 down at the ocean. definitely want to go in the water today down there. now we do have some advisories that go into effect at noon. for more on that we will send it out to marty. >> thank you very much. good afternoon. let's make it official. look at our watch, warning and advisory. we are in effect right now. the heat advisory, the code red in effect and this will go through the -- this will go through the evening hours frankly no surprise. and in a forecast you look for a little bit of consistency. let's bring in a graphic. question now is, are we going to see thunderstorms like we saw roar through the area last night? well, yeah, it certainly is a possibility to see a couple of passing showers and thunderstorms. but that big dynamic that hit us in the evening yesterday may not be starting to square itself away and the storm prediction center actually this
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morning was talking about that dynamic should happen farther south and east. maybe a thunder shower pops up later today and maybe a thundershower pops up later tomorrow then it's nothing but good news. bernadette woods with those details coming up shortly. now let's throw it back inside. >> our first warning weather coverage continues with adam may working outside with the precautions you should be taking today. >> good afternoon. the heat will crank up today. it's warm out here right now. not unbearable yet. health officials are urging people to take precautions. on some people you see the sweat. >> it's hot. >> on others, it's not so obvious. >> our butts are sweating. >> it's like sticky out. >> the dog days of summer are in full swing and local er doctors know how dangerous this weather can be. >> we are seeing one patient right now with heat exposure. >> last year the heat killed 32 people in maryland and already this summer four people have died including a 95-year-old woman and 81-year-old man from
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baltimore city. the elderly are especially vulnerable. that's why health officials urge people to check in on their neighbors. >> two heat related deaths we had so far this summer have come a few days after a string of code reds. so when you check on your neighbors check on them on the day of the code red but check on them the day after and the day after that. >> fatigue, heavy sweating, muscle cramps, headaches, nawsia, all signs the heat is catching up with you and likely to hit you fastfer you are working outside or exercising. >> i didn't know was going to be quite so hot. and i left my parking garage i felt like i was riding into an oven ins with temperatures on the rise many plan on simple relief. >> i will be inside all day. >> that means a lot of people will have their air conditioning on. we checked with bge no major strains reported. baltimore city canceled their summer classes today. reporting live, wjz, eyewitness news. thank you very much.
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stay with wjz's first warning weather. updated forecast and any closings and delays go to developing story we were following this noon, an eight- year-old boy is home safely after being abducted in west baltimore. police have one suspect in custody. wjz is live at city police headquarters. mike has the latest on this investigation. still one person in connection with this case on the loose at this hour. police say the little boy was targeted. he was shaken but physically okay. after an intense search through the night, police found eight- year-old derek charles brown alive. the little boy was abducted last night on -- in baltimore, snatched from the street and thrown in the trunk of a car. police tell wjz the abduction was not random. investigators have one person in custody but are still searching for 21-year-old raheem taylor who has a history of charges including drug and probation violations. according to wjz media partner,
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the boy's abduction is related to the drug trade. an alert citizen found brown in a vacant house on lynnhurst street on west baltimore near where he lived. >> and the people behind this abduction did demand a ransom. live at tipolice headquarters, wjz eyewitness news. police say the people who took the boy are not related to him. a fiery crash in new jersey claims the lives of three marylanders. ron is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> reporter: the crash happened just about 6:00 last night in oldman township, new jersey. scene is 25 miles south of philadelphia. all three of the people killed were from prince george's county. the car they were in ran off interstate 295 and hit a tree and burst into flames. 24-year-old manuel marshall. jesse jones and arthur briscoe died at the scene. nine-year-old of jesse jones was also in the car but in
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stable condition as of today. don, back to you. so far there is no explanation for why the car left the road. another climbing catch from earth trex is charged with a sex crime. 20-year-old is having accused of having sex with an underage girl. he no longer works there and has posted bond. last month another earth trex coach, 31-year-old mikeling lions was accused of having sex with a different underage teen. the two funerals for first lady betty ford will begin in a few hours. died friday at 93. former first lady roselan carter and journalist cokey roberts will deliver eulogies today. those expected to attend are current first lady michelle obama and three former first ladies. second funeral will be held thursday in grand rapids, michigan, where gerald ford is buried at his presidential museum. back to the drawing table for the president and congressional leaders trying to strike a deal on the nation's growing debt. they will meet at the white
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house this afternoon for a third straight day. right now both sides agree on roughly 1.7 of the $2.4 trillion in the proposed spending cuts. but they still at odds over raising taxes. as democrats vow to oppose medicare and social security cuts. i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. moments ago president obama finished talking with "cbs evening news" anchor scott pelly about the debt crisis. you can see scott's interview with the president tonight on the "cbs evening news" right here on wjz 13 at 7:00. smokers in howard county listen up, as of tomorrow you can no longer mostly cloudy in a county park. according to our media partner, howard county executive is issuing an executive order expanding the smoking ban to all 57 howard county park properties. he wants to protect the rights
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of nonsmokers who use those parks as well. still to come on wjz eyewitness news this noon, new details, dozens are killed wasn't tourist boat synchronize rush ya. could negligence be to blame. ask and you can receive. actress mila kunis makes a surprising decision of who will be her next date. when will we get a break from this heat, bernadette woods is updating the first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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investigation underway in russia where 88 people are dead after the country's worst river accident in three decades. on sunday an overloaded tourist boat sank in the river where 41 adigle people are still missing today. nearly half of those killed are believed to be children. those carrying dozens more people than licensed to do. the appeal is underway for wikilks found -- wiki-- wick lks founder julian asng. he denies all allegations his wikileaks med headlines related to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. so you may have thought congress had bigger fish to fry but lightbulbs are a hot topic.
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today congress will battle over what kind of lightbulbs you are allowed to buy. house republicans want to overturn a law requiring lightbulbs to be more energy efficient. white house says even though the bulbs are more expensive they last longer and save billions of dollars in energy costs. actress millu kunitz is leaving hollywood for north carolina. at least for a night. black swan actress has accepted an invitation to the marine corps ball in greenville. sergeant scott moore posted a video on youtube asking cueinous for a date and she said yes. kunitz latest flick friends with benefits with justin timberlake hits theaters july 22. you have to give the guy credit. >> it's only 12 or 15 seconds long. straightforward. will you go with me? she said yes. >> well, good for her. that's great. still ahead at noon, it's just getting hotter outside. your complete first warning forecast. here is a look at mid-day
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stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. well, not too many kids are venturing out to play in the water today. it's just too hot. i'm sure we will see it fill up. 88 degrees is where we sit in baltimore now. 90 in d.c. and those dew points
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are still very high meaning the humidity is very high and because of that this is what it feels like outside. already feels like 93 in baltimore. 101 degrees down at the ocean and 95 in d.c. so it's hot across the board. we have a heat advisory in effect through 8:00 tonight also and air quality alert in effect for the baltimore and d.c. metro regions, a code red. that air for the sensitive reading group is not in good quality today. there is a bit of a breeze out there. that's the difference compared to yesterday. so maybe you can get a little relief from time to time with that breeze out and we continue to pull in all this air from the southwest where it's hot breaking records and that's moving in our direction and there is a chance that today we could also break a record. the current record for today is 97 degrees and we will get pretty close to that. there are the thunderstorms yesterday getting out of here and the front is sort of hanging in the area so with it close enough by for a chance for a shower and thunderstorm again as we head through the
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day and even tomorrow still a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. what changes tomorrow we start to turn our winds around to the northwest. what that's going to do is bring in drier air. temperatures will be high tomorrow. but by thursday that's when we will feel the relief with the temperatures also we will be back down in the 80s by thursday. is that beautiful afternoon on thursday. the forecast looks like this. for today we were going up to 97. that is the record today. chance for a thunderstorm then tonight we go down to 72 and any thunderstorm out there will die down and tomorrow again the chance for a thunderstorm as we head through the day still warm. 91 but breezy and those dew points and humidity levels are going to start to drop and notice that change in temperatures by thursday and we will have your five day coming up shortly here. and don't forget, wjz, mazzen and the orlando are teaming up to feed the homeless. take a nonperishable food item to camden yards for the orioles food drive benefiting the maryland food bank or bring
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along extra cash. i will be there collecting do ntionz, ron and adam. on saturday vick, kai, gigi barnett, jim and pat on gg. it's all part of wjz's continuing community commitments. >> i have to say, red sox and yankees fans are really good about bringing chance -- cans. we need to step it up. >> and orioles fans, come on. we can do it. still to come on wjz eyewitness news this noon, cure for the common coal, what can help that sniffling, sneezing and coughing. >> remember we were always on. here are the stories we were following on our website. for constant updates for the news and that first warning weather forecast go to
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in today's wjz health watch report, we know smoking during pregnancy can cause birth defects, but what are they. missing or deformed limbs. clubbed feet, facial disorders and gastrointestinal problems. stronger warnings about the danger of maternal smoking have been recommended in the u.s. 20% of women under 25 smoke during pregnancy. when it comes to treating the common cold, the placebo
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effect may make the difference. researchers at university of wisconsin gave patients either echinacea pills or no pills at all and they found patients that took pills got better faster and their symptoms were slightly less severe. and eating a high protein diane can help control appetite in men. study looked at diets of overweight men and found those who ate higher protein meals feel more full and throughout the day. they report having smaller appetites late at night and in the morning. and be sure to check in with wjz eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. two parents on trial, charged after their pet python kills a toddler. >> yes, it was an accident. that's all. >> we lost our child. how do you think we feel? >> why this case is the first of its kind in the country. >> and nasa astronauts make their final space walk. what they hope to accomplish. please join us for these stories and all of the day's breaking news today at 4:00 right after dr. phil.
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and stay with us, the five- day forecast is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. okay, out on the water, it's always a beautiful shot. and today it's nice. that's your -- always a breeze
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at the tiki bars. >> yes. >> there you go. there is a reason it's the coolest spot in town. no comment? >> your turn. >> am i supposed to start talking now? >> yes. >> sorry, i couldn't hear. actually i could hear but i was listening to jimmie buffet on the inside of my mind. i want to take a look at five- day forecast. i want you to know how pleasant it's going to get thursday, friday, seat and sunday. tomorrow will be the day of improvement and change. but 86, 85, 89 the normal is 88. couldn't ask for finer weather in the middle of july in baltimore, maryland. now back inside. >> thank you. >> nice work. >> don't miss the cbs prime time line up here this evening. at 10:00 it's an all new episode of 48 hours mystery as police look into the serial killer on long island. immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and finally this noon you are all invited to share a virtual all american meal with the crew of space shuttle "atlantis." for the first time nasa is
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inviting the public to log on to their website on thursday and join the astronauts for dinner. they will be eating grilled chicken, barbecue brisket, baked beans and ampie. make that meal yourself with nasa's recipe. just log on to their website. theirs will be freeze dried. >> yeah. if i cooked it it will probably taste the same. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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